The Seaeye Cougar is a worldwide proven ROV well recognized for its capability to operate effectively as a compact Light Work-Class ROV in demanding subsea applications.

It’s a reliable electric ROV for underwater survey. NDT inspections, oceanographic survey, NDT inspections, oceanographic observation, and subsea light work intervention. The 2.000 m WD rated ROV works in TMS mode with 200m tether, with the capability to fit additional ancillary equipment in the tooling skid underneath, the system includes a Surface Control Unit (SCU) for ROV Control and surveillance equipment monitoring and its’s Power Supply unit (PSU), all integrated in a 20 Control Container.

Main ROV Specifications

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1300 x 900 x 745
Weight in Air (kg) 345 (500 with Tooling Skid) Neutral in water
Depth rating (m) 2.000 SWD
Propulsion 6 x Thrusters 4 x Horizontal, 2 x Vertical
Thrust FWD / Lateral / Vertical (kgf) 100 / 72 / 76
Speed / Operational current FWD(kNot) 3.0
Payload (kg) 80
Autopilot Heading depth, and Altitude hold
Power requirement 38 kVA, 400/415/440/460 VAC, 50-60 Hx, 3 phase

Survey Equipment And Tooling

  • 1 x Kongsberg OE 14-366 HR Colour Zoom camera on a P&T
  • 1 x Seaeye Low Light High Resolution Colour camera
  • 1 x Seaeye Low Light High Resolution Mono Camera
  • 4 x LED light, 600 W lighting
  • 1 x Tritech DFS Super Sea King Sonar System
  • Fluxgate Compass, Depth sensor, & Altimeter
  • 2x Hydrolek 5F/6F Manipulators with Grabber Jaw option
  • CP Contact Probe & Cygnus UT Gauge
  • Cleaning Brush & Grinding tool Assy. Hydraulic cutter, wheeled survey skid with boom arms
  • Auxiliary communication channels for survey equipment as Profiler, Bathy, Gryro, MRU, SVP, DVL TSS pipe/cable tracker, etc.,
  • Spare Fiber Optics for extra HD camera option or MBES

LARS System

The LARS comprises a hydraulic 6 ton SWL A-Frame. Umbilical Winch, and 55 kW deck HPU, all mounded over a single 20 skid frame. Winch drum capability of up to 2.500 m of 030 mm armoured lifting umbilical cable.

Due to its capability to fix additional ancillary equipment in the tooling skid underneath, the Cougra ROV vehicle has wheeled survey skid with boom arms for pipelines survey works. This skid has two extra cameras and lights for lateral pipe inspection, free span survey, and a manip ready for pipeline CP and UT readings.

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